Many women wish for "beautiful skin." No woman thinks her skin is perfect. "Foundation" fulfills their wish for wanting to get at ideal "beautiful skin". It is a must-have item coveted by many women.

To tell the truth, it has only been 60 years since the word "foundation" first started circulating in Japan. Cream and liquid foundation products were imported from the US around 1950, and domestic makeup manufacturers soon flocked into the market as well. Later, a cake type foundation, which was made by pressing powder (talc), oil and surfactant together, was developed for use in Hollywood films. This type of foundation is applied directly to the skin with a wet sponge. Perfect for the hot and humid Japanese summer, it gained popularity instantly.
However, as air-conditioning became increasingly common, women started to complain that "the cake type foundation makes the skin stiff," and "cream or liquid foundation takes long time to apply, and it's difficult to use..." Foundation was still going through development stages until the early 1970s.
Kose was quick to listen to these voices, underwent much research and development to create more satisfying products, and launched totally new foundations one after another. Now common "liquid foundation for summer," "powder foundation," and "two-way foundation with or without water" were in fact revolutionary products introduced by Kose.