A new summer foundation introduced in April 1974 called "SUMMERD" triggered the foundation revolution. It was mainly the cake type to be used in the summer until then, but now that more offices were now air-conditioned, about 20% or women started using the liquid type even in the summer, and more and more women started to avoid stiff skin. Kose looked at it from a different angle, and started challenging for a new type of foundation combining merits of the cake and liquid types, while many makeup manufacturers were still focusing on improving the cake type.
The key to a new type of foundation was "the new powder processing technology." The main ingredient to make skin look flawless in foundation is powder. The idea was to change the nature of the powder itself. Kose developed a surface treatment technology of various powder types, and completed a liquid foundation for summer, "SUMMERD", by completely controlling the nature of powder. "Powder foundations" and "two-way foundations" were introduced next.