In 1975, Kose launched cosmetics that made a big impact on the image of skincare. That was a beauty serum "RC LIQUID".
During the 1960s skincare mainly meant to protect skin by applying an oil film from oil-rich cosmetics like lotion and cream. However, the demand for lighter and easier to use cosmetics increased in the 1970s. The research into the skin itself advanced at the same time, and it became known that the most important element for beautiful skin is, in fact, "water", and to "keep the moisture in the skin." Moreover, it was revealed that the soluble NMF component in the skin had the ability to retain such important moisture within the skin at the molecular level.
Recognizing the importance of NMF, we quickly shifted our development focus "from oil to water", and started developing skincare products utilizing the characteristics of the NMF component. This led to the birth of a new category "beauty serum" which served as the catalyst of the skin care revolution.