Moisturizing Lotion

SEKKISEI Excellent Medicated Sekkisei Lotion Excellent


200mL : 6,000 yen (tax excluded)

A rich, dense medicated whitening lotion with five moisturizing oriental herbal extracts.

A rich-type medicated whitening lotion with a generous amount of moisturizing coix seed, angelica and melothria extracts. Also contains isodonis japonicus and bracket fungus extracts (moisturizing).
Penetrates the skin so that it hydrates from within, creating a smooth fullness and fine-grained, beautifully white skin.
Treats skin damage from UV rays, and prevents dryness and other skin troubles for healthy skin.
Suppresses melanin production to prevent age spots and freckles from sun exposure.

  • Contains these Asian herbs

    • Isodonis Japonicus

    • Angelica

    • Coix Seed

    • Melothria

    • Bracket Fungus

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