ConceptSkincare, elevated.
We don't compromise.

Elegance, Japanese aesthetics.
SEKKISEI introduces the pinnacle of refinement: SEKKISEI MIYABI.

SEKKISEI MIYABI takes skincare to new heights with traditional beauty secrets from Japan.

For the new generation of exquisite translucency brimming with an outstanding glow.

We continue to harness the power of Job’s Tears seed and other oriental herbs to lay the foundation for beauty.

Through this herbal science, we bring you brightness overflowing with vitality.

Let the incredible power of plants unleash your skin's true potential.

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We've turned the spotlight on the power of probiotics, like yeast. These beneficial ingredients plump and soften every inch of skin to create a base for whitening to be more effective, leading to firm and supple skin with wonderful clarity.

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The image behind the name

Skin as soft and pure as snow.
Convey inner strength with dignity.
Emit radiance from deep within. Embrace the image of the nadeshiko,the Japanese flower emblematic of grace and beauty.
These are the goals of our brand—to bring you uniquely Japanese refinement and luxury.
This is MIYABI.
We changed our logo to be written in hiragana characters to further exemplify our uniquely Japanese aesthetic.
Discover the beauty of Japanese culture from the logo down to the product design.

The MIYABI Logo CreatorCalligrapher and Artist

Yuuna Okanishi

Yuuna started learning calligraphy at the age of 6 and obtained her instructor’s license while still in high school.
She has given her life to letters, expressing a unique sense of rhythm and imagery that has earned her acclaim across the world. In recent years, she has expanded into a dimension full of colors through paints and canvas. She has ushered in a new world of calligraphy through multiple exhibitions, both at home and abroad, such as Seikyoku at the Karuizawa New Art Museum. She has also held the Shingon art project at Nihonbashi and Todaiji Temple to raise awareness on global environmental issues. She has also been recognized for energetic live performance, and was invited to New York’s Lincoln Center in May 2020.