SEKKISEI Excellent Medicated Sekkisei Cream Excellent


50g : 7,500 yen (tax excluded)

A rich-type whitening cream that creates elasticity and resilience.

A cream that treats skin damage such as dryness, and creates elasticity and translucency with a deep moisturizing effect.
Contains coix seed, angelica and melothria extracts (moisturizing) that leave the skin hydrated and beautifully translucent. Also contains Korean ginseng, cordyceps sinensis, Chinese lovage and gynostemma pentaphyllum extracts (moisturizing) that regulate the skin with rich moisture.
Delivers whitening ingredients deep within the epidermis, suppresses melanin production, and prevents age spots and freckles from sun exposure.
Emulsifies sebum with intercellular lipid-like substance. Highly emollient, yet never feels sticky, and supports the whitening effect so that it lasts for hours.
Has a rich, lush texture that gently saturates the skin so that the next morning the skin feels supple, elastic, youthful and bouncy to the touch.

  • Ingredients

  • Contains these Asian herbs

    • Gynostemma Pentaphyllum

    • Chinese Lovage

    • Angelica

    • Cordyceps Sinensis

    • Coix Seed

    • Melothria

    • Korean Ginseng

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