Powder Foundation

SEKKISEI Sekkisei Snow CC Powder

3color 8g  SPF14/PA+

A powder foundation that spreads like a liquid foundation, effortlessly melting into the skin.
  • CC stands for Complete Clarity

A foundation that melts into the skin, leaving it translucent and bright. Spreads lightly and easily, as if melting into the skin, for a natural coverage over pores and unevenness. The exquisite texture eases the skin and mind, creating a long-lasting, fine-grained and naturally radiant finish.
Uses a skincare formula. The foundation was created by melting powder into a pool of serum full of oriental herbal extracts. This creates a powder that does not feel powdery, but melts into the skin like pure snow.
The skincare formula ensures a smooth, supple texture, and using the highest amount* of flat-shaped powder particles ensures optimum spreadability. The formula creates an exquisitely smooth surface that makes you want to keep touching it.
SPF14/PA+ to block UV rays and prevent sunburn as well as age spots and freckles caused by sunburn.
A gentle, modern floral scent common to the Sekkisei series.
Double-sided sponge with a sponge side for coverage and a fluffy side for a natural finish.

  1. * Compared with other KOSE products.
  • Natural



  • Natural



  • Moderately dark, natural skin tone


    Moderately dark, natural skin tone

  • Contains these Asian herbs

    • Chinese Foxglove

    • Angelica

    • Rose Multiflora

    • Fermented Coix Seed

    • Melothria

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How to useHow to use

Use after skin care, or after preparing skin with your favorite BB/CC cream, primer or other. Can also be used for reapplying during the day.
Add a suitable amount to a sponge and blend evenly on skin. (The fuzzy side of the sponge can be used to enhance clarity, and the sponge side can be used to provide natural-looking coverage.)
When reapplying, first use a tissue or blotting paper to remove excess oil, then apply in small amounts.

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