CC Cream

SEKKISEI Sekkisei White CC Cream

2 colors 30g SPF50+/PA++++

Hydration and translucency. Your skin benefits more with it on, than without.
A whitening* oriental plant-based CC cream.
  • *Due to makeup effects.
  • *CC stands for Complete (i.e. perfect) and Clarity (i.e. translucency).

Formulated with SEKKISEI’s moisturizing ingredients to hydrate the skin throughout wear, while thoroughly covering problem areas. Just apply this after lotion for an easy, “no-makeup” makeup look that feels translucent and just like bare skin.
Six effects in a single item: serum, emulsion, cream, sunscreen, makeup base, and foundation.
Five effects that create translucency:
① Hydration: The carefully selected oriental plant extracts deliver excellent hydration to the skin.
② Conditions the skin: Contains Snow Hydration Essence. An oil that fits snugly over the skin while retaining water, it delivers hydration while preventing evaporation as well as roughness in the skin.
③ Protection: Blocks UV rays with SPF50+/PA++++ protection, preventing blemishes and freckles due to sunburn.
④ Coverage: Contains Snow Crystal Powder for an exquisite soft-focus effect that makes your skin appear soft, airy and glowing. Simultaneously has the ability to naturally cover pores and uneven coloring while appearing like there’s no makeup on. The powder won’t look darker even when exposed to sebum, maintaining a beautiful skin tone.
⑤ Long-lasting: Formulated with Amino Acid Coat Powder which fits snugly over the skin and helps makeup last longer. The powder particles line up neatly along the surface of the skin, creating a thin cosmetic veil and a translucent look.
Feels pleasant with a weightless hydrating touch.
Doesn’t contain mineral oil.
Can be used all year round.
A gentle, fresh modern floral scent that’s common to the SEKKISEI series.

  • Natural



  • Natural



  • Contains these Asian herbs

    • Chinese Foxglove

    • Angelica

    • Rose Multiflora

    • Fermented Coix Seed

    • Melothria

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