Moisturizing Lotion


(Quasi-drug) (Refreshing moisture) Brand name: SKS Lotion

Each 140mL/230mL

Deeply hydrates the stratum corneum
for skin drenched in radiance, clear and beautiful.
  • *Inhibits production of melanin, preventing dark spots and freckles.

A medicated moisturizing lotion containing six types of Asian herbs,
it improves skin texture, and imbues your stratum corneum with deep hydration.
It prevents dryness-induced dullness, for bright, translucent skin, and
penetrates quickly to care for UV damage.
With the refreshing scent of Asian herbs for relaxation.

  • Contains these Asian herbs

    • Ethyl oleate (emollient)

    • Angelica acutiloba root extract (moisturizer)

    • Coix Seed

    • Fragrance

    • Purified Melothria heterophylla extract HC (moisturizer)

    • Persicaria tinctoria extract (moisturizer)

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How to useHow to use

1.Left cheek
Deposit an appropriate amount onto a cotton pad, and pat over your entire left cheek.

2.Right cheek
Pat over your entire right cheek.

3.Around the mouth
Pat around your mouth.

Gently pat over your entire nose.

Gently press in around your eyes.

Pat over your entire forehead.

7.Hand press
Cover your entire face with your palms and press gently.

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