Brand StoryGift from the Earth

Take a moment to think about what a miracle it is
to live on a planet where water can be a solid, a liquid or a gas.

There is nothing on Earth that is not linked to water in some way. Water is so attuned to its environment—it can be snow, ice, clouds and so much more. It’s the visual representation of nature's vicissitudes.

It's the miraculous conditions of our planet that make this possible.
Water has no will of its own; it is shaped by the environment of our planet.

Nobody can create it; it is created by nature.
Japanese people’s gratitude and reverence for water has inspired many beautiful philosophies and works of art.

We are grateful for the forces of the Earth.
In the clarity of this gift from the Earth, we see the humbling beauty of this life force. And we see it in skin, too.

After all, our bodies are a part of the beautiful nature of this planet.

Nature has powerful forces that science cannot fully explain.
Our challenge to and search for these powerful forces is never ending.
We at SEKKISEI have made it our mission to enhance the beauty of our planet, and your body.

We are continually revolutionizing beauty for every woman in the world, to return that beauty back to nature.

When you become beautiful,
the Earth becomes beautiful.