Face Wash


50 g

Superfine powder cleanser that transforms into a voluptuous foam instantly to unclog pores, fully purifying the skin.

  • Superfine powder cleanser that transforms into a voluptuous foam.
  • Removes dirt from pores and skin-dulling impurities* to leave skin even, supple and radiant.
  • Packed with nature’s blessings born from our beautiful Earth, such as Okinawa Ishigaki Island Salt, which is rich in ocean minerals, and natural sebum-absorbing clay. It smooths skin's texture to leave it looking bright.
  • Foams instantly with no special technique, and thoroughly cleanses away dirt and grime
  • Formulated with ITOWA, an original SEKKISEI CLEAR WELLNESS ingredient containing specially-selected botanicals. Packed with botanical ingredients sourced from Japan’s rich natural environment, it gives you healthy skin unaffected by dryness troubles.
  • Prevents acne, keeping skin clean and healthy.
  • A clean fragrance that expresses the refreshing scent of nature.
  • Paraben free
  • Colorant free
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  1. *ITOWA is Alpinia speciosa leaf extract, peony extract, noni juice and squalane.
  2. *Dullness caused by old keratin.
  • Ingredients

    Talc, sodium myristate, potassium myristate, sodium laurate, potassium laurate, kaolin, sodium palmitate, potassium palmitate, lauric acid, silica, Alpinia speciosa leaf extract, peony extract, Rubus suavissimus (raspberry) leaf extract, Rosa multiflora fruit extract, Job's tears seed extract, noni juice, sea salt, butylene glycol, glycerin, squalane, water and fragrance.

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How to useHow to use

  • Wet hands and face with water. Take an appropriate amount onto palm, add water, and work into a rich lather. Wash face, then rinse well.

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