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Medicated Sekkisei Emulsion


A deep, hydrating, whitening emulsion for beautifully plump skin

  • 140mL 5,000 yen (tax excluded)

The price shown is the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

Product Features

  • Highly emollient and refreshing, with a rich texture that never feels sticky. A medicated whitening emulsion that penetrates deep within the epidermis to create resilience and fullness, while leaving the skin's surface smooth and white.
  • Contains five oriental herbal extracts (elecampane, coix seed, moutan bark, melothria, angelica) for moist, translucent skin.
  • Contains a polymer that preserves ideal moisture balance and a pleasant freshness.
  • Suppresses melanin production to prevent age spots and freckles from sun exposure, as well as dryness and other skin problems.

Oriental Herbal Extracts

  • ElecampaneElecampane
  • AngelicaAngelica
  • Coix SeedCoix Seed
  • Moutan BarkMoutan Bark
  • MelothriaMelothria