Wipe-away Essence

Sekkisei Clear Treatment Essence

Get a new, brighter skin tone with every use.
A wipe-away essence to get your skin back on track.

  • 140mL

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Product Features

  • A wipe-away essence that lifts away dead skin cells, including melanin, leading to brighter and more translucent skin.
  • Contains moisturizing oriental herbal extracts. With each use, they improve skin's condition to make it more refined, smoother, and free from dullness* and roughness.
    *Due to dead skin cells
  • Lightweight emulsion type. It feels mild and smooth on the skin while softening and gently lifting away dead skin cells.
  • Improves the application of skincare products used afterwards.
  • A soft, modern floral fragrance shared amongst all Sekkisei products.

Oriental Herbal Extracts

  • HoneysuckleHoneysuckle
  • AngelicaAngelica
  • MelothriaMelothria
  • Fermented Coix SeedFermented Coix Seed
  • Ritha treeRitha tree
  • plum extractJapanese Apricot (Ume) Extract
  • coconut-palm-derivedCoconut Palm