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“SAVE the BLUE” Project Since 2009

Okinawa’s coral reef boasts one of the world’s most beautiful but is threatenedwith extinction due to the effects of global warming. Kose started the “SAVE theBLUE” project in the summer of 2009 to connect the beautiful blue earth to thefuture. We donate a portion of the sales of the representative skin care brand“Yukiseki”, which is widely used by many customers in Japan and overseas, andengage in various environmental conservation and educational activities. In thename of the project, the desire to connect the “beautiful sea” associated withthe “Ruri” color of the bottle that symbolizes the brand to the next generation isincluded.

“SAVE the BLUE” project celebrating its 13th year

The “SAVE the BLUE” project, which has been ongoing since 2009, has reached its 13th year in 2021. We have carried out various activities to protect the global environment and raise awareness among people.

For the global environment

We have been expanding our activities in Asian countries since 2011. In 2018, we expanded the number of bases by 5, and expanded to 10 countries and regions (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States, and Japan).

Introduction of activities in Japan and overseas

The sea and the forest are healthy

We express our contribution to the SDGs advocated by the United Nations, and through the “SAVE the BLUE” project, we are working mainly to contribute to goal 14 by protecting ocean diversity. From the 2018 fiscal year, we will evolve this project into an activity to protect the blue earth and start a new forest conservation activity in the winter, aiming to contribute to goal 15 by protecting land diversity.
It’s our goal to contribute to conserving the environment across the globe by maintaining and managing the rich ecosystems that exist between mountains and flatlands, keeping the natural environment in good condition. This will in turn conserve the ocean environment, which is connected to the mountains and flatlands via rivers.

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KOSÉ’s Initiatives To Date

As an official supporter*1 of the International Coral Reef Year 2018 undertaken by the Ministry of the Environment, we collaborated with the official supporter, the Mainichi Shimbun, to provide “ ‘SAVE the BLUE Monogatari’ impressions and impressions for elementary school students and parents nationwide. And go to study abroad for coral!”

1 International Coral Reef Year 2018 (on the Ministry of the Environment website)


“The Earth Becomes Beautiful When You Become Beautiful”


The “SAVE the BLUE” project in Japan supports the preservation of corals, which are important homes for a variety of marine life and also have the function of absorbing carbon dioxide, which causes global warming. Coral reefs in the sea near Okinawa have been greatly reduced in recent years due to bleaching phenomena due to global warming and theoccurrence of starfish. Kose has donated 19,005 coral transplants over the past 13 years.In overseas activities, we take a variety of measures based on the environmental conservation activities required for each region.

“Expand the Coral Reefs in Okinawa” Project: Activities and Achievements in Japan

SEKKISEI “SAVE the BLUE” Project (2021)

In 2021, again, KOSÉ donated a coral planting fund to plant corals for the area equivalent to the base area of selected SEKKISEI products bought by customers during the summer campaign.

Campaign Period
June 11 – August 20, 2021
Campaign Products
  • SEKKISEI Series Lotion(Except for Exelent series, Extra series, Mini-size and One day trial set.)

Since 2009 when the project started, the coral reef area around Okinawa has been steadily expanding.

Year Planted Area Planted Number
2021 6,263,310cm2
375m2 approx. 1.7x of 25 meter pool
2020 3,878,493cm2
375m2 approx. 1.0x of 25 meter pool
2019 8,436,805cm2
375m2 approx. 2.2x of 25 meter pool
2018 9,265,908cm2
375m2 approx. 2.5x of 25 meter pool
2017 11,532,788cm2
375m2 approx. 3x of 25 meter pool
2016 12,381,546cm2
375m2 approx. 3.3x of 25 meter pool
2015 13,041,094cm2 2,138
2014 11,230,216cm2 1,841
2013 11,769,657cm2 1,929
2012 7,810,856cm2 1,031
2011 7,819,100cm2 1,282
2010 6,789,944cm2 1,085
2009 5,158,912cm2 972
2009-2021 Accumulated Total 115,335,929cm2
375m2 approx. 30.8x of 25 meter pool
Accumulated number reaches to 19,005

Not all the coral plant is rooted.

(Left) Bleached coral
(Right) Miracle coral strong against bleaching

“Miracle Coral” Become the Subject of Wide Interest
Corals planted by the “SAVE the BLUE” project survived the bleaching that occurred around the world due to the raise in sea temperature in the Summer of 2016. It is assumed that they had resistance to ultraviolet rays and heat due to being nurtured in shallow waters.

According to data from SeaSeed, eggs spawned in the coral growing area flow to the Nago waters about thirty kilometers away, encouraging a success of the project. (Source:Research data from SeaSead)

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Activities in Asian Countries


About 45 beauty consultant from around Japan participated in “Okinawa coral study trip” to learn the importance of environmental conservation in Okinawa since 2012. The participants also took part in Clean Pic to clean the coast in addition to separating corals. They also take on a role as Coral Ambassador to share their experience to colleagues and sales store to raise their environmental awareness.

In the fiscal years 2020 and 2021, coral study abroad has been cancelled due to the prevention of new coronavirus infection.

“Clean Pic,” a cleaning” sport to make our seas cleaner

In the “Coral Study” program, participants can even challenge an enjoyable “Clean Pic” every year as an environment cleaning sport.
Within a set time period, each team collects every kind of garbage that was washed up on shore and they are sorted out depending on the impact it gives to the environment.
One of the participants voiced out that “It’s very surprising that there’s a lot more garbage than we thought.”.

The garbage was not limited to just beverage containers like cans or pet bottles. There were plenty of everyday merchandise like blankets and such included as well.


In China where the air pollution problem is getting worse, KOSÉ is supporting an Inner Mongolian Desert Afforestation project by Green Life, a non-governmental organization that is buying and planting trees for desert greening. Our tree-planting tour to a Mongolian desert for SEKKISEI customers chosen by lot is very popular; we have planted about 144,000 trees in six years from 2012, contributing to the expansion of approximately 320,000 m2 of green areas. At the 2017 Green Life 15th anniversary ceremony, Kose’s continued commitment was recognized for its Outstanding Contribution Award.
You can also see the Save the blue activity in China on this site.


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these products is donated to the Marine and Coastal ResourcesResearch Center, Lower Gulf of Thailand, an NGO, to support coral planting in the Gulf of Thailand, Rayong Province.


A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the targeted products is donated to the Taiwan Mountain and Sea Angel Environment Conservation Association for coral cultivation.


A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the targeted products is donated to the Garden City Fund, a charitable organization, for coral reef conservation.


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the products will be donated to Reef Check Malaysia, an NPO, to help protect the environment through waste collection and upcycling on Mantanani Island.

Hong Kong

In support of coral transplantation activities in Okinawa, Japan, we donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the targeted products for coral cultivation.


In cooperation with tree planet, a non-profit organization that creates forests, we are planning to hold a “SEKKISEI Forest Planting” activity at Noeul Park (Sunset Park) in Seoul Special District. We will continue to support their tree-planting activities.


We support Waste4Change, a social venture that aims for zero waste, and hold live events online to educate people about global environmental conservation.


We will support the Coral Reef Alliance, an NGO, and donate a portion of theproceeds to support it. Fuel costs for patrol boats to combat illegal fishermen inRoatan Marine Park in Honduras, vegetation planting activities in West Maui,water quality monitoring, in the Namena Marine Reserve in Fiji It will be used forvarious coral reef ecosystem conservation activities, such as support for fishingactivities that take into account coral reef conservation.

In fiscal 2021, we have suspended participation of local employees in activities in some countries to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

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