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KOSÉ Group Stakeholders

In all its activities, the KOSÉ Group places importance on its relationship with all stakeholders, including the next generation.
We also think of the global environment, which is the basis of our corporate activities, as an important stakeholder.

KOSÉ Group Stakeholders

Stakeholder Engagement

The KOSÉ Group is deepening engagement with all stakeholders. Where appropriate, we have reflected the opinions and evaluations received from our stakeholders in the sustainability promotion and corporate activities of the KOSÉ Sustainability Plan.

Stakeholder Communication Contact Point Frequency Summary
Customers Customer Service Center As needed Functions for response to customer queries by phone, email, mail and chat and for sharing customer feedback internally
Maison KOSÉ (online shop and physical store) As needed Communication of Company information and information on businesses, and response to customer feedback
KOSÉ-managed social network accounts As needed Communication of Company information and information on businesses, and collation of comments
Business partners Stores Conferences, events, seminars, etc. As needed Sharing of Company and business policies and gathering of opinions
Suppliers Purchasing policy meeting Once yearly Information sharing and collaboration for responsible procurement
Questionnaire Once yearly
Direct individual dialogue, etc. As needed
Employees (Including recruiters) Labor-management consultation meetings Multiple yearly Discussion, negotiation, opinion exchange, mutual understanding
Employee consulting channel and internal reporting channel As needed System for confidential help and support
Level-specific training for all employees, internship seminars, etc. Multiple yearly Information sharing and opinion exchange regarding Company and human resource development policies
Global community Local communities Various beauty seminars, sponsorship of local activities, etc. As needed Interaction with residents of local communities, sharing of Company and business information, and promotion of understanding
Various stakeholders Participation in industry groups, dialogue with NPOs and NGOs, participation in various initiatives, etc. As needed Shared recognition of social issues and use of information acquired for internal PDCA cycle
Shareholders and investors General Meeting of Shareholders Once yearly Presentation of business report, consolidated financial statements, financial statements and audit report, and deliberation and resolution
Results presentations Twice yearly Presentation of results, management strategy, business activities, etc.
Individual dialogue with investors, integrated report, disclosure on sustainability section of corporate website, etc. As needed Explanation, communication and disclosure of results, management strategies, business information and other matters

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