Sustainability Plan

KOSÉ Sustainability PLAN

In 1946, KOSÉ founder Kozaburo Kobayashi started his business with a limitless passion for cosmetics that offer people hopes and dreams.

Our statement of purpose is to create a culture and values embodying a distinctive beauty through
a sophisticated fusion of sensuousness and intelligence. We have grown steadily as a company that leads
in providing unique value through the creation of beauty for people.

The sharing and caring of many people and the planet Earth, whose benefits support us all,
have empowered our growth.

The social environment in which we find ourselves is changing dramatically. We are faced with factors
including globalization, changing demographics, diversifying aspirations and needs, global warming
due to climate change, and the depletion of natural resources.

Committed to creating new value with a better future in mind, we must make greater use of
our sensuousness and intelligence to achieve a sustainable society.

The KOSÉ Group has established the KOSÉ Sustainability Plan to make the future better for people and
the environment. We are committed to evolving into a company with a global presence that fulfills
its responsibilities as a member of the international community.

Synergy with VISION 2026

Together with the formulation of the KOSÉ Sustainability Plan, we made developing a sustainability strategy spanning the entire value chain one of the three foundations of our medium-to-long-term vision, VISION 2026. Incorporating and implementing a sustainability perspective in all activities to achieve VISION 2026 drives growth for the KOSÉ Group and helps to achieve a sustainable society.

Synergy with VISION 2026

Overview of Sustainability Plan

Overview of Sustainability Plan

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