〔The Environment〕For the Global Environment

Protect the Global Environment by Saving Resource and Energy

Our Sustainability decisions are made by the Sustainability Committee based on a concept of the globally accepted environmental management standard “ISO14001,” and the Sustainability Promotion Committee together with its affiliated Sustainability subcommittees and projects are promoting environmental activities.

Sustainability promotion structure

Basic Environmental Policy

  • 1.With consideration given to protecting biodiversity* and the environment, we are dedicated to saving resources and energy, promoting recycling and reducing waste.

    We are actively working on resource saving, reuse of recycled materials, development of products made from materials easy to dispose, decreasing the waste amount, and sorted collection at every facility including factories and offices.

  • 2.We consistently promote the use of raw materials with less environmental impact and the research and development of products also with less environmental impact.

    We have established guidelines for reducing or banning the use of specific substances or raw materials to avoid environmental pollution in a thorough and responsible manner. Also we are actively promoting research and development of eco-friendly materials for new products as well as simpler and lighter packing materials.

  • 3.We shall comply with environmental laws and regulations, and actively participate in social activities related to environment preservation.

    We not only adhere to Packing Material Recycling Laws but also work to prevent environmental pollution by strengthening the internal regulations about the emission of industrial wastes. We are also actively supporting environment-improvement activities around our premises as well as global environment conservation businesses.

  • 4.We establish and improve organizations to promote and implement environmental conservation activities on a continuing basis.

    In 1997 we established the Global Environment Committee (then reorganized as the CSR Committee in April, 2013) to systematically accelerate environmental activities and involvement of internal departments while actively implementing environmental management system based on ISO14001.
    ※In 2019 the name of “CSR Committee” was changed to “Sustainability Committee”.

  • 5.We seek to raise the awareness of employees regarding the environment through education, publicity and other programs on environmental conservation.

    With our belief that everything we do as a business starts from our employees, we are promoting initiatives to raise environmental awareness among employees by information sharing through a range of media including in-house newsletters.

KOSÉ’s approach to biodiversity conservation

KOSÉ esteems the many benefits of biodiversity and regards environmental issues facing the world today as our own issues.We are continuously working on understanding the relationship between biodiversity and our business to mitigate the impact our business activities may give on the biodiversity. Furthermore we are promoting internal information sharing to improve employees’ environmental awareness as well as actively disseminating information to the public.

We are working on “SAVE the BLUE” for preserving the biodiversity.

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Response to Environmental Laws and Regulations

KOSÉ is diligently working on initiatives to decrease the environmental load as possible as we can to avoid the impact on the environmental pollution.

Compliance with environmental law

Environment conservation-related laws and regulations including the Basic Environmental Law, we are committed to comply with laws and regulations compliant with ISO14001 to strictly adhere to local codes and regional conventions. We specifically have implemented a unified “Environment Manual” that is common and shared between Manufacturing and Distribution Departments to empower each office, affiliate, and regional center to respond to situations on their own. We are also monitoring the regulatory environment in order to quickly and appropriately respond to any change in the future.

Response to Chemical Substances

Generally no harmful chemical is used in any cosmetic product even in the manufacturing process because cosmetic products directly contact with your skin. However, in very rare cases, some chemical substances regulated by laws or codes related to chemical handling such as PRTR Law (Law concerning Pollutant Release and Transfer Register), are used.

At KOSÉ we have a system in place that monitors and measures the amount of such chemical substances emitted into the environment. We are strictly adhering to every applicable law and regulation with the system, and reducing the use and emission of such chemical substances.

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