Diversity & InclusionINITIATIVE 1: Gender-Equality and Women’s Empowerment

Help Create a World with True Gender-Equality

Creating a Society Women Play Active Roles

Since its establishment in 1946, KOSÉ’s beauty consultants offering “beauty to customers at stores and all employees who create products and value have united their desire to contribute to a society in which women can live in their own way with confidence, and delivering cosmetics that provide “beautiful” for each and every customer.In 1985, long before the enforcement of the “Basic Law for a Gender-Equal Society” in 1999, the first female director in the KOSÉ Group’s history was appointed. This is one of many evidences that KOSÉ’s corporate culture that reflects diverse values to the company’s power has been firmly established to this day.
Currently, women account for 80% (As of March 2020: female/male 11,760/2,300) of the KOSÉ Group’s workforce and work in a variety of departments.Empowering women to work energetically and with their individuality leads to the power of the company as a whole. For this reason, we have established an environment where they can work flexibly in accordance with their own life events. Also, we are implementing various initiatives to enable them to realize their full potential with peace of mind.
Also, in order to realize “contributing to a society where people can play an active role regardless of gender” which is one of the themes of “KOSÉ Sustainability Plan,” we expand the circle of support for women’s activities to society as well as to promote women’s activities in the company.


2026年目標 対象範囲
女性管理職比率 33.0% コーセーグループ
指導的地位にある社員の女性比率 50.0% コーセーグループ
有給休暇取得率 80.0% 国内グループ会社
育児休業取得率(女性) 100.0% 国内グループ会社
育児休業取得率(男性) 100.0% 国内グループ会社
育児休業取得者の復職率(女性) 100.0% 国内グループ会社
育児休業取得者の復職率(男性) 100.0% 国内グループ会社




STEP 1: [Work-Family Balance Support: Development of Systems]

Promoting paternity leaves with KOSÉ Father Support System
Promoting paternity leaves with KOSÉ Father Support System

At KOSÉ and KOSÉ Sales, 100% of the employees who had taken maternity leave also took child-care leave, and more than 90% of those who took the child-care leave have successfully returned to work.

We believe that active participation in childcare by fathers is important for both fathers and mothers to be active in the workplace. So, in addition to supporting female employees, we have introduced a paternal leave system. In FY2020, the “KOSÉ IKUPAPA Support system”, that is a system to support fathers of newly born babies, was introduced to encourage male employees to take paternal leave. In order to raise awareness among employees and their superiors and workplaces, KOSÉ provides individual support, such as advice on how to use the system, and provides support grants to male employees taking paternal leave.

In addition, we have established various support systems to encourage women to continue working regardless of life events.

System Description
Wedding vacation Special paid leave is granted at the time of marriage.
Wedding gift Giving congratulatory money at the time of marriage
Maternity leave A certain period of leave is granted to protect the mother during childbirth.
Leave of absence Permission to take leave for a certain period due to child care, family nursing, etc.
Reduced working hours Allow employees to shorten their working hours for a certain period of time due to childcare or nursing care.
On-site childcare facility Support for use of on-site childcare facilities at affiliated companies.
Child birth gift Giving congratulatory money to families that have given birth.
Childcare support benefit Giving support money for using childcare facilities/baby sitters
Nursing care solatium After the start of nursing leave, a solatium will be paid every certain period of time.
Nursing care allowance Giving supporting money to employees when taking a family care leave or when the employee or any of the family member is certified as requiring long-term care.
Home helper grant Partial support for expenses when support for housework is needed for a certain reason.
KOSÉ Father Support System Providing individual advice to superiors, workplaces, and stakeholders to support male employees taking childcare leave, and providing support money to employees who take paternal leave
Job return system Ex-employees can apply if they wish to return to work after retirement due to family reasons or self-improvement.
Support for early detection of women-specific diseases Subsidies for medical examination advice for diseases peculiar to women such as breast cancer and cervical cancer, etc.

STEP 2: [Activity Support Initiatives: Establishing Corporate Culture]

D&I Promotion Seminar for Managers Focusing on Female Employees
D&I Promotion Seminar for Managers Focusing on Female Employees

In order for women to be able to demonstrate their full potential, we believe that in addition to the motivation of each individual, it is necessary to raise the awareness of the entire workplace. Therefore, we held seminars for managers on such themes as the significance of promoting diversity and inclusion, including women’s participation, and promoting understanding of unconscious bias.
Also, since it is difficult for women of the child-rearing generation to work with sufficient motivation at their workplace where long working hours are common, we have established a corporate culture that enables employees to work with peace of mind by reducing long working hours.

STEP 3: [Promotion Support: Nurturing & Strengthening Initiatives]

As a preliminary step toward promoting employees to leadership positions, including those in managerial positions, we conduct training programs to increase their motivation, regardless of gender.Those programs provide an opportunity for employees to think about their own career plans.In addition, to ensure that career opportunities are not compromised by a variety of life events including childbirth, we appoint leaders based on appropriate personnel evaluations.

We also held seminars focusing on the importance of diverse personalities including gender and constructing career planning, mainly for female employees aiming for positions equivalent to managers in the near future.These seminars stimulate their motivation to be promoted to managerial positions, by providing lectures directly from female outside directors who are active in a variety of fields, and understanding the importance of drawing up diverse career plans on their own.

For beauty consultants working in stores, we have been supporting them not only to improve their skills as a salesperson, but also to advance their career paths for various roles including educators and store managers in the future.In 2019, in addition to the existing career paths, KOSÉ introduced a system that allows employees to change their roles after a certain evaluation process, such as sales and head office staff roles, thus establishing a work environment where each employee can fully demonstrate the potential.

For more information about women’s activities, please refer to the following data:

Initiatives for Women’s Activities in Society

Students from Tanzania visited KOSÉ head office
Students from Tanzania visited KOSÉ head office

The KOSÉ Group supports “Sakura Girls Secondary School (SGSS)” (Link to External Site) in Tanzania where the issue of women’s human rights is particularly serious, in order to expand the supporting environment to enable women to actively participate in society.This boarding school was established in the foothills of Kilimanjaro in 2016 by the “Kilimanjaro Society” of Japanese volunteers to improve the current situation in Tanzania where girls do not have an adequate education due to their economic and gender background.
In particular, this secondary school focuses on STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and by providing an educational environment for excellent female students, we promote support so that they can work and play an active role in the future.
In support of these activities, KOSÉ provides students with tuition support (support for the right to education) and graduation gifts. When their representative students visit KOSÉ head office in Japan, we provide them information about the real-world working environment at a cosmetics company and the activities of women to help them maintain their desire to learn, that will eventually lead to improve the status of women in the future.

Initiatives to Promote Understanding of LGBTQ

Broadcast concept movies that propose a variety of beauty
Broadcast concept movies that propose a variety of beauty

We respect the diversity (including sexual orientation and gender identity) of each and every employee, establish an environment that empower employees to exercise the full potential, and promote initiatives for deeper understanding of LGBTQ people.
Management education for managers includes training on respect for human rights based on understanding of diversity, in addition to nationality, race, religion, educational background, and age.
At the concept store “Maison KOSÉ” in Ginza, Tokyo, diversity is at the core of store development.As a source of beauty that respects diverse personalities including LGBTQ people, the store offers concept movies which express “beauty” regardless of gender or age as well as easy-to-understand bathroom signs.

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