Our Support Activities in Large Scale Disasters and Emergencies2019

KOSÉ Group provides support to meet the different circumstantial needs to areas damaged by large scale disaster and we wish for the early restoration and reconstruction.

Response to Typhoon No. 19 in the first year of ReiwaOctober 17th, 2019
“Typhoon No. 19 in the first year of Reiwa” About visit and support to the affected areas

We would like to express our sincere greetings to all those affected by the 19th Typhoon Reiwa.
Kose Co., Ltd. has decided to provide emergency supplies as follows to help victims. We will deliver supplies as needed while cooperating with the government, industry groups, and local governments.

Relief supplies


  • Body sheet (for those who cannot take a bath)
    Product Name: “Fresh Care Body Clear Towel” 3,000 (Distributor: Kose Cosmeport Co., Ltd.)

We will continue to consider support measures tailored to the situation in the affected areas.
We sincerely pray for the recovery of the affected area as soon as possible.

Support Activities for Areas Affected by the Great Eastern Japan EarthquakeApril 07th, 2019 “Fukushima Sakura Project”
Donated a New Species of Cherry “Haruka” Symbolizing the Reconstruction, to a Childcare Facility in Bando-City, Ibaraki

We donated plants of a new species of cherry “Haruka” grown in Fukushima to three childcare facilities in Bando-city, Ibaraki, the home town of our founder Kozaburo Kobayashi, and held a tree-planting ceremony at each facility.

Fukushima Sakura (Cherry) Project (JP)

Support Activities for Areas Affected by the Great Eastern Japan EarthquakeMarch 21th-23th, 2019 “Fukushima Sakura Project”
KOSÉ Sponsored Fukushima Projection Mapping “Haruka 2019 – Boshin no Kaze, Hana no Kumo –” Event

The projection mapping event “Haruka 2019-Boshin no Kaze no Hana no Cloud-” was held in March in Tsurugajo, Aizuwakamatsu City in 2019, the seventh year of the sponsorship.
Along with the fantastic images, an opera singer, Kimiko Mori, appeared and sang the song “Hana wa Saku”, which was a support song for the reconstruction.

Fukushima Sakura (Cherry) Project (JP)

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