History of Sustainability Efforts

Up to 1980

History of social and environmental contribution activities

Established a sales system to maximize the mutual benefits with business partners to provide the best possible products to customers. (1946-)

Kozaburo Kobayashi, the founder of KOSÉ, received an award for his efforts to promote higher quality cosmetic products to the market and to improve citizen health and hygiene. (1973)

The 1st. Beauty Staff Contest of KOSÉ Beauty Staffs all over Japan for the purpose of improving their services quality and makeup techniques. (1975)

Started QC activities to improve quality and productivity. (1977)

The Manufacturing Department received a Deming Enterprise Prize as the first organization in the cosmetic industry. (1980)

History of products

Launched COLONE, KOSÉ’s first foundation product (1953)

Launched LA BONNE, KOSÉ’s first premium cosmetic product line (1957) [still on the market]

Launched FIT ON, The industry-first powder foundation (1976)

Launched SEKKISEI, lotion containing Japanese & Chinese herbal extracts (1985)

From 1990

History of social and environmental contribution activities

Established Cosmetology Research Foundation for the progress of Cosmetology (cosmetic studies). (1990)

Announced a corporate message “Wisdom and Beauty for People and the Earth” in conjunction with an introduction of Corporate Identity. (1991)

Established a purpose-built subsidiary ADVANCE Co., Ltd. for employing persons with disabilities. (1992)

Organized the Earth Environment Committee to promote social & environmental contribution activities as an enterprise. (1997)

History of products

Launched WHITENING CREAM XX: whitening cream containing kojic acid (1990)

Launched COSME DECORTÉ: lotion containing multilayer liposome (1992)

Launched a makeup product line VISÉE (1994)

From 2000

History of social and environmental contribution activities

Gunma Factory acquired ISO 14001 certification. (2000)

The 1st. Edition of “Environmental Report”.(2000)

Became an official partner of Japan Skating Federation to promote sports.(2006)

Launched Sekkisei “SAVE the BLUE” Project. (2009)

History of products

Launched MOISTURE SKIN REPAIR: moisturizing beauty serum containing Rice Power Extract No.11 (2004)

Launched ASTALUTION: beauty serum containing a high concentration of astaxanthin (2005)

Launched NATURE & CO: a natural skincare line (2009)

From 2010

History of social and environmental contribution activities

Support for recovery and restoration of the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. (2011-)

Global deployment of Sekkisei “SAVE the BLUE” Project. (2012)

Participated in the “Fukushima Sakura Project”. (2013)

Organized CSR Committee. (2013)

Established a KOSÉ endowed course at Keio University School of Medicine. (2013)

Announced our policy for eliminating animal testing in the development of cosmetic products. (2014)

Opened English and Chinese CSR websites. (2016)

Published “KOSÉ REPORT”, an integrated report of CSR and Company Overview. (2016)

Signed the UN Global Compact (UNGC) (2017)

CSR Committee renamed as Sustainability Committee(2019)

The Sustainability Strategy Division was established as a dedicated organization.(2019)

History of products

Launched a makeup brand “ESPRIQUE” (2011)

Launched HADAKIWAMI (2012)

Launched Je l’aime: a non-silicon haircare product line (2013)

Launched NAILHOLIC (2015)

Launched ONE BY KOSÉ (2016)

Launched CARTÉ CLINITY (2017)


Launched LECHERI(2018)

Renewal launch of COSME DECORTE’s premier line, “AQ MELIORITY”.(2019)

From 2020

History of social and environmental contribution activities

KOSÉ Sustainability Plan announced.(2020)

Endorsement of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)(2020)

Obtained SBT (Science Based Targets) certification(2021)

Announced a comprehensive collaboration with Kao Corporation in the area of sustainability in the cosmetics business.(2021)

History of products


50th Anniversary of “DECORTÉ”(2020)

25th Anniversary of “Predia”(2021)

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