Adaptability We treasure your unique beauty. Adaptability We treasure your unique beauty.

Our Philosophy Our Philosophy

Beauty for everyone is our priority.

Your age, gender, nationality, race,
skin color and values,
each individual’s background,
form the wellspring for our value creation,
to build a global company for the new society,
aligned with customers now and in the future.

Adaptability is the force we need.

What's Adaptability? What's Adaptability?

Adaptable ingenuity ensures
ongoing value creation that puts your
beauty first.

Our approach is based on three concepts,
to ensure a personalized selection
in our products, services, and

Our Three Concepts of

Adaptability Adaptability

Based on the three concepts in our approach,
we have established eight initiatives,
which we call Adaptability∞ (Adaptability Eight).
We incorporate Adaptability∞ in all our value creation.

  • Excluding no one

  • Unfettered by gender

  • Blending diverse cultures

  • Respectful expression

  • Adapted to all skin and hair types

  • Harmonizing with personal beliefs

  • User-friendly and simple

  • Transcending age constraints


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