Material/OEM Supplier Application Form

Read “Material Procurement” and the precautions below carefully before you submit the form.

Items for KOSÉ products (cosmetics and toiletries):

  • Packages and accessories for cosmetic products
  • Raw materials and fragrances for cosmetic products
  • Items procured from cosmetics OEMs

Please note that we do not procure items other than those listed above, including POP materials, printed materials, sales promotion goods, manufacturing facilities, building and equipment, and office automation equipment, and no response will be provided.

  • Proposal of equipment and various supplies for Minami Alps Factory (tentative name)

Read the following precautions carefully before you submit the form:

  • KOSÉ handles information on your company, submitted personal information (hereinafter "personal information"), and the content of inquiries with utmost care.
  • Personal information and the content of inquiries and comments will be used only within the scope of the purposes noted below, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.
    (1) To respond to inquiries from suppliers concerning our procurement of materials and services including OEM services
    (2) To encourage suppliers to provide their questions or comments on our materials and services procurement (including OEM services)
    (3) To encourage suppliers to offer their proposals for supplying materials and services including OEM services as well as to carry out our evaluation of the proposals
  • Email replies from KOSÉ will be addressed to the person who made the inquiry.Any duplication or secondary use of them, in part or whole, is prohibited.
  • KOSÉ will respond to each inquiry in a sequential order. Please note that depending on the contents of the inquiry it may take time to respond.
  • Refer to "Privacy Policy" for details of our handling of personal information.

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Example: 2008/6/20

Before sending your inquiry, click on the "Confirm content" button to confirm that you have read and agree to the above items to note.

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