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We make proactive efforts to reduce the environmental impact not only in the production process but also in the overall product life cycle, from the material procurement to the waste disposal process.

Overall Environmental Impact in 2018 (All Business Activities)

Changes in total energy consumption


  2016 2017 2018
Total energy usage 311,876 388,193 397,083

Scope: Domestic and overseas production affiliates, major non-production departments

Increase in FY2017 due to the operation of the new building at Gunma Plant

Efforts to reduce environmental impact

As businesses have been increasingly required to accurately identify their corporate environmental load in recent years, the collaboration with group businesses, overseas businesses, and business partners is becoming more and more important. In FY2018 we expanded and optimized the scope of tracking the power usage and associated environmental impact for our affiliates including KOSÉ Professional, Dr. PHIL Cosmetics, and KOSÉ Cosmepia. Also, we started to collect and integrate the environmental data from the Hangzhou factory (KOSÉ Cosmetics China) and the Hsinchu factory (Taiwan KOSÉ).
The CO2 emission amount related to the KOSÉ Group production activity decreased to 15,093 tons from 16,519 tons last year.The waste amount decreased 2% per primary unit (production amount) and the water usage decreased 17%. The decrease of CO2 emission, water usage, and waster amount per primary unit (production amount) despite the increase of production amount (+12%) clearlyindicates the success in our efforts to reduce the environmental impact. We continue to expand the scope of data collection, and accelerate our commitment to decrease the environmental load by carefully monitoring the CO2 emission, water usage, and the waste amount as the basic criteria. We are, as always, publishing our Environmental Accounting information based on the data collected from all the domestic production facilities.
Environmental Accounting

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