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Recognizing the environmental impact of each of our business activities, including manufacturing, sales and logistics, we make proactive efforts to reduce this impact.

Efforts to reduce environmental impact

As businesses have been increasingly required to accurately identify their corporate environmental load in recent years, the collaboration with group businesses, overseas businesses, and business partners is becoming more and more important. Our environmental working group and Albion, one of our affiliates, have been actively collaborating and exchanging information to expand the scope of data collection with activities such as an environmental conference. Also, we started to collect and integrate the environmental data from the Hangzhou factory (KOSÉ Cosmetics China) and the Hsinchu factory (Taiwan KOSÉ).
As our Sales figure increased 10 percent from the same period of the last year, the CO2 emission amount related to the KOSÉ Group production activity increased to 12,313 tons, a 6.7 percent increase year over year from 11,540 tons. The waste amount dropped 11 percent while the water usage slightly increased (0.3%). We continue to expand the scope of data collection, and accelerate our commitment to decrease the environmental load by carefully monitoring the CO2 emission, water usage, and the waste amount as the basic criteria. We are, as always, publishing our Environmental Accounting information based on the data collected from all the domestic production facilities.
Environmental Accounting

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