Whitening Oil

SEKKISEI SUPREME Whitening Herbal Oil



Softens stiff skin for deep and lasting whitening results.
A whitening oil to improve the quality of your skincare.
  • *Inhibits production of melanin, preventing dark spots and freckles.

A medicated whitening oil containing three types of Asian herbs,
It is non-sticky and light to use.
It loosens hardened skin, boosting the sensation of absorption and outcomes of makeup used afterward.
Skin is softened, for even deeper whitening results.
It prevents dark spots and freckles, creating dewy skin with clarity.
With the refreshing scent of Asian herbs for relaxation.

  • Contains these Asian herbs

    • Ethyl oleate (emollient)

    • Angelica acutiloba root extract (moisturizer)

    • Coix Seed

    • Fragrance

    • Purified Melothria heterophylla extract HC (moisturizer)

    • Persicaria tinctoria extract (moisturizer)

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How to useHow to use

1.Deep breathing
Before massaging, slowly breathe in the fragrance.

Gently apply, working from the center outward in the following steps. 1) Below chin → below ears 2) Corners of mouth → front of ears 3) Nose wings → temples 4) Center of forehead → temples *Perform each step three times

Massage your ears with your thumbs and index fingers, in a spiral motion.

4.In front of and behind ears
Lightly massage in front of and behind your ears, gliding with your middle finger.

5.Nape of neck → collarbone
Massage in the direction of arrows 1 to 3, then finish on the collarbone before releasing your hands.

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