Wipe-away Essence

SEKKISEI SUPREME Herbal Clear Essence


With an emulsion base, for plump skin texture.
A wipe-away essence to awaken clarity.
  • *Inhibits production of melanin, preventing dark spots and freckles.

Made with soft-skin emulsion base, this wipe-away essence gently eliminates problems like stiffness and old keratin containing melanin. It supports skin turnover, giving you plumped and smooth, clear and beautiful skin free from problems such as dullness*, pore impurities and sagging texture.

  1. *From old keratin.

Formulated with Asian herb extracts to boost skin clarity by caring for dryness-caused dullness with gentle moisture.
Formulated with Job’s tears oil and sesame oil for a double-oil effect to create a plump texture, while botanical exfoliators gently remove old keratin containing melanin.
Formulated with an oleic acid derivative to soften keratin and boost the sensation of essence ingredients being absorbed.
Formulated with mineral spring water for beautifully hydrated, smooth skin, just like after a mineral hot spring.
Improves the application of makeup used afterwards.
Wrap yourself in the clear scent of Asian herbs, for a relaxing care routine.

  • Ingredients

    Purified Melothria heterophylla extract HC, Persicaria tinctoria extract, Job’s tears extract, Angelica acutiloba root extract, oleic acid derivative*, mineral spring water, glycerin.
    Job’s tears oil, sesame oil
    Botanical exfoliators
    Coconut oil derivative*

    1. *Oleic acid derivative is ethyl oleate; Coconut oil derivative is PEG-6 cocamide.
  • Contains these Asian herbs

    • Ethyl oleate (emollient)

    • Angelica acutiloba root extract (moisturizer)

    • Coix Seed

    • Purified Melothria heterophylla extract HC (moisturizer)

    • Persicaria tinctoria extract (moisturizer)

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How to useHow to use

Use morning and evening as the first step after washing your face.
Deposit two pumps onto a cotton pad, and wipe gently over your skin.

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