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Discover the outstanding benefits of yeast. The power-packed formula softens and plumps the complexion for a balanced, healthy state, promoting a glowing, firm, and wholesome skin condition. Delivers replenishing moisture for skin that emanates an ultimate glow from within, bursting with radiance.

  • Helps diminish the appearance of dark spots and discoloration.
  • Prepares skin for subsequent skincare products.
  • A refreshing scent of natural aromatics maximizes the benefits of your skincare experience.

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How to useHow to use

  • Apply to clean skin.

    Dispense one pump onto palm and apply over face.

30-Second Massaging Technique

  • ※When using as a massage, use 2-3 pumps.

  • Step.1

    Massage the skin in the direction of the arrow in a spiral motion, then glide the fingers in a circular motion around the eyes. Repeat three times.

  • Step.2

    Using the entire palm of the hand, glide gently from the center to the outer part of the face, then slide in front of the ears and below the ears, massaging down towards the collarbone.

  • Step.3

    Then, hold both ears and gently turn in a circular motion.


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