Let Astaxanthin work on aging skin.
Here comes ASTALUTION for you.
Found fine lines around the outer corner of the eyes? Your face line doesn’t look as sharp as it used to be? The small changes you found in the mirror are getting more serious even at this very moment.
Based on our research on the fundamental factor for skin aging, we’ve reached an answer to fulfill the women’s desire to stay beautiful and youthful-looking.
The answer is ASTALUTION. It’s as rich as stock solution and the main ingredient nature-sourced Astaxanthin is contained so richly that you can even see it. The thick, orange-colored solution goes deeply into the skin to bring fresh resilience and firmness back to the skins around the eyes, mouth and face line.
With the new aging care ASTALUTION, there will be the future in which the older we get, the more beautiful we become.

ESPRIQUE A proposal for the woman who wants to coordinate fashion with the personal touch for active expression of herself, the base makeup series offers facial makeup for beauty and creative expression in tune with modern trends.
Skin care & base makeup series designed for revitalizing skin cells through "skin power restoration" –taking a holistic approach to restoring the skin's metabolic function and reawakening the skin's natural powers. GRANDAINE
LUMINOUS A new combination of personality and essential styling to draw your potential for novel and sophisticated look. The makeup series that adds the feminine touch that is both gentle and strong and brings beauty on the leading edge of the times.
Have you heard of "Moisture Retention Ability"?
It is the ability to retain skin moisture, and dehydrated skin does not have this ability.
Moisture Skin Repair is a new type of medicated moisturizer which aims not just to moisturize but enhances this natural moisturizing ability of the skin.
Its key ingredient "Rice Power(R) Extract No.11" made from rice moisturizes the skin as well as improves the skinís moisture retention ability for continued suppleness. Adding MOISTURE SKIN REPAIR to your daily skincare means a higher Moisture Retention Ability within your skin.
Resoa top
Rutina nano-force RESOA, the birth of a highly sophisticated sunscreen that not just protects, but creates tantalizing skin.
RESOA, a sophisticated suncare series was born for all women desiring smooth and translucent skin that tantalizes, especially while on a resort vacation basking in the dazzling sunlight overlooking lapping blue waves and the white beach, not having to worry about marks and freckles by exposing the skin to the sun.
Rutína nano-force top
Molecule-level nanotechnology has been applied for moisturizers to penetrate deep into the skin and to create baby-like suppleness from the inside. Contains hyaluronic acid derivative (moisturizer). Rutina nano-force
Rutína nano-white top
Rutina nano-white Investigation into the cause of "chronic" blemishes that appear with minimal UV exposure and application of "nanotechnology" at KOSÉ have produced the series that enhances whiteness and transparency of your skin flawlessly.
Product series designed to remove thoroughly and gently aged keratin, containing melanin that erodes skin transparency, and to create finely textured, transparent skin. Contains Japanese herbal extract (moisturizer). SEIKISHO
SEKKISEI Skin care series that build beauty and transparency of the skin like snow. Contains Japanese herbal extract (moisturizer) for gentle protection and moisturizing while lightening the skin.
Here is a whitening skin care brand, inspired by traditional Chinese medicines, which has been especially prepared for the contemporary woman.  This brand, formulated with extracts of various Japanese and Chinese herbs, is designed to relieve the modern woman from 4 kinds skin dullness resulting from stress, it contains.  These herbs not only gently sooth the stress-laden skin, but make skin look so pure and helps it glow. SEKKISEI SUPREME


Newly Launching
"Shirosumi" - A New Skin Whitening Essence

The new KOSE Skin Whitener is blossoming with a new approach to skin whitening, this spring.

If we go back to our original question "Why do spots appear on our skin?," the root cause of these horrible skin spots lies in the "Spot Generating Mechanism".
KOSE’s persistence has born fruits and we have been able to pinpoint the existence of the epidermal cells in our skin which surround the Melanocyte. In fact, each Melanocyte is enveloped by minimum 30 epidermal cells.

The melanin being produced within the Melanocyte is absorbed by these epidermal cells as if they were eaten by these epidermal cells.

This is a revolution in your conventional anti-spots care, which restricts the function of Melanocyte in order to suppress the production of the Melanin which is the root cause of spots on the skin.
Furthermore we will broaden your vision with a new mechanism we discovered, through which the "Production + Manifestation" of the Melanin can be curbed.

Our aim is to gift you with such a complexion with a clean, clear and rosy cheeks like the skin of a newborn baby who has yet to exposed to ultra-violet rays.

For all the people who believe in more beautiful skin of tomorrow.

The more you continue, the more beautiful body you get.
It is a body essence created for women who seek for beauty of the entire body.The product contains the root extract of the Japanese herb, Sophora, which tightens the area of your concern, helping create a sleek and firm figure.
VISÉE Color makeup brand with an array of colors for you to find the best hues that enhance and flatter your personality. Choreograph your mood freely with the outstanding functionality of the items—no need for expert techniques!

Birth of a new whitening essence that directly helps to interrupt the production of melanin.
This new product is a fruit of long years of study at KOSÉ’s Dermatological Laboratory to help women who have been making continuous daily efforts to avoid skin blemish and avoid heavy skin tones.
This success is based on a new and powerful approach to help block the formation of melanin early in the formation process.
With natural arbutin glycoside and molasses that disrupts the formation of melanin, this new essence not only prevent or reduce blemishes but also makes skin less prone to blemishes… White Quality Essence.