Procurement of Materials

This section provides information on KOSÉ’s basic procurement policy.

Basic Procurement Policy

1. Quality and safety assurance

Our procurement activities are implemented in line with the “KOSÉ Quality Policy,” with the highest priority on quality and safety.

2. Fair and unbiased competition

We offer opportunities for fair and equitable competition to all suppliers, regardless of scale, both in Japan and abroad. Procurement decisions are made in a fair manner based on a comprehensive consideration of quality, prices, delivery times, supply capacity, management stability and other factors.

3. Compliance with laws, regulations and social norms

In our CSR-compliant procurement practices, we comply with laws, regulations and social norms of different countries and regions, and give due consideration to the conservation of resources and the global environment, safety, human rights, and other factors in order to fulfill our social responsibility.

4. Co-existence and co-prosperity

Our aim is to ensure the permanent development of both our suppliers and ourselves by building mutual understanding and trust through our procurement activities.

5. Assurance of information security

Confidential information and personal information related to procurement activities are strictly protected.

KOSÉ Quality Policy For sustainable procurement of raw materials

Process from receiving an application from a supplier to starting transactions with the supplier

The following outlines the process from the receipt of a proposal from a candidate supplier, through the review and evaluation of the proposal, to the eventual signing of a contract.

Before entering into a transaction with a new supplier, we make a comprehensive assessment of the details of the supplier’s proposal, the stability of its management, its performance in business transactions with other companies, and other factors.

Procurement items

Items used for our company’s products (cosmetics and toiletries) as shown below:

  • Packaging and tools for cosmetics
  • Raw materials and fragrances for cosmetics
  • Items procured from cosmetics OEMs

* Please note that we do not procure items other than those listed above, such as POP materials, printed materials and sales promotion goods, manufacturing facilities, buildings and facilities, and office automation equipment.

New supplier application

KOSÉ accepts proposals from candidate suppliers who understand and share the Basic Procurement Policy of our company.

Please apply via email using the web application form.

Inquiries from suppliers concerning procurement of materials

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