Priority Issue 2 For the Sake of the Global EnvironmentOverall data on environmental impact

Recognizing the environmental impact of each of our business activities, including manufacturing, sales and logistics, we make proactive efforts to reduce this impact.

Efforts to reduce environmental impact

Companies have recently been expected to have an accurate understanding of their environmental impact, increasing the importance of collaboration among Group companies and with overseas companies and business partners. In 2014, the Environmental Working Group and ALBION CO., LTD., our affiliate, held an environmental meeting to share information in order to improve collaboration regarding data sharing. In addition, the environmental data from Hangzhou Factory of KOSE COSMETICS CO., LTD. (China) and Hsinchu Factory of TAIWAN KOSE CO., LTD. were combined with other environmental data retained by the CSR Committee.
Based on the data thus collected, we calculated the CO2 emissions associated with manufacturing undertaken by the KOSÉ Group in fiscal 2014, which came to 9,722 tons, a 7.5% increase from the 9,040 tons calculated in the previous year for the same scope. This increase was due to the increase in sales (9.4%). The amount of waste increased by 4.9% and the amount of water input dropped by 2%. We will collect more data and focus more efforts on reducing the environmental impact of the entire Group using the following three indices: CO2 emissions, water consumption, and the amount of waste. With regard to environmental accounting, we will continue to collect and compile environmental data from our manufacturing sites in Japan, with the compiled data made available to the public.
Environmental Accounting

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