Priority Issue 2 For the Sake of the Global Environment

Protect the global environment by saving resources and energy.

The KOSÉ Group’s CSR Committee is responsible for decision-making related to CSR activities in general while the CSR Promotion Committee and its affiliated Environmental Working Group take a leadership role in promoting environmental activities. All these activities are based on the basic concept of ISO 14001 (developed by the International Organization for Standardization) related to environmental management.

For the Sake of the Global Environment (List of Action Goals)

Basic Environmental Policy

  • 1.With consideration given to protecting biodiversity and the environment, we are dedicated to saving resources and energy, promoting recycling and reducing waste.

    In its business activities, KOSÉ seeks to reduce materials and resources needed for production, actively use recycled materials, effectively use materials that are easily disposed of, and reduce waste and sort waste to recover recyclable materials prior to collection at all sites, including plants and offices.

  • 2.We consistently promote the use of raw materials with less environmental impact and the research and development of products also with less environmental impact.

    We have our own guidelines to prevent environmental pollution, including for the reduction and prohibition of the use of specific materials and raw ingredients. We proactively promote the research and development of environmentally friendly raw ingredients and materials with the aim of commercialization and to make packaging materials simplified and lighter.

  • 3.We comply with environmental laws and regulations and actively participate in social activities to protect the environment.

    We are committed not only to complying with the Law for Promotion of Sorted Collection and Recycling of Containers and Packaging but also to strengthening the internal control of waste and other substances discharged from plants in order to prevent environmental pollution. We are also actively involved in supporting activities to improve the environment in the vicinity of each office and projects to conserve the global environment.

  • 4.We establish and improve organizations to promote and implement environmental conservation activities on a continuing basis.

    In 1997, we established the Global Environment Committee, which was reorganized into the CSR Committee in April 2013. Under this committee, we promote environmental conservation activities and encourage relevant departments to be more involved in such activities. We also adopt and implement an environmental management system based on ISO 14001.

  • 5.We seek to raise the awareness of employees regarding the environment through education, publicity and other programs on environmental conservation.

    Believing that environmental activities should start with employees, we seek to raise employee awareness through various programs, including one in which we invite employees to report examples of and proposals for eco-friendly activities at worksites. We also provide employees with relevant information via in-house newsletters.

KOSÉ’s approach to biodiversity conservation

KOSÉ esteems the many benefits of biodiversity and regards environmental issues facing the world today as our own issues. This is the basis of our approach to protecting the global environment. In our business activities, we identify the relationship between each activity and biodiversity in order to reduce our impact on the environment. We share relevant information within the company, implement awareness-raising activities targeting all employees, and communicate internal information to external third parties.

“SAVE the BLUE” Project to conserve biodiversity

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Environmental management

Our company-wide environmental management system consists of the CSR Committee and the CSR Promotion Committee, which were launched in 2013, and the Environmental Working Group, which was formed under these committees. Under this organization, we have been enhancing our efforts to conserve the global environment as part of our business efforts.
In fiscal 2014, we started efforts to collect information about the environmental impact caused by the consolidated Group companies as a whole in Japan and abroad with the purpose of grasping the entire picture of the environmental impact caused by the KOSÉ Group.

Organizational Chart of the Environmental Management System

Response to environmental regulations

In fiscal 2014, as in previous years, KOSÉ continued its efforts to comply with environmental laws and regulations and the entire Group focused its efforts on minimizing the factors affecting environmental impact in order to prevent environmental pollution.

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

We adopt measures in line with ISO 14001 to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations, including the Basic Environment Law, and various other laws, regulations, ordinances, and regional agreements. Individual offices, affiliate companies, and centers are required to comply with the Environmental Manual, which is designed to be used commonly at manufacturing and logistics sites. We also constantly monitor the trends in relevant laws and regulations so that we can respond to any new regulation in the future without delay.

Handling of chemical substances

No toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing process of cosmetic products, which are used directly on the body. There are, however, rare cases where we use substances controlled by the PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register) Law or other laws and ordinances governing the management of chemicals.

KOSÉ has its own system to monitor and measure emissions to the environment of chemicals governed by relevant laws and regulations. This monitoring and measuring system enables us to strictly comply with relevant laws and regulations and to reduce the use and emissions of these chemicals.

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