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For Sustainable Growth and Future

Kozaburo Kobayashi, who founded KOSÉ in 1946, poured his limitless passion into making cosmetics that give people dreams and hope. He committed KOSÉ to making quality products that truly exceeded the expectations of each customer. This spirit remains alive in all facets of our business today, from research and development to manufacturing, from customer-oriented consultative sales to distribution, to our unique brand marketing system that perfectly matches brands with sales channels. We believe it is this spirit that gives KOSÉ the strength and drive to do more.
Since assuming the position of president in 2007, I have focused my efforts on creating more customer value and consistently taking on new challenges in order to achieve global growth while at the same time maintaining KOSÉ’s longstanding corporate culture. I am now convinced that the results of these efforts will be the primary driver of the company’s future growth. We will now accelerate our growth to make further progress, with the emphasis on “borderless perspectives” and in line with the following basic strategies: the “development of globally competitive brands” and “continuous improvement of the performance of operating assets.” KOSÉ will redirect its approach to achieving growth in such a way as to expand its global presence.
For long-term growth, our society and the global environment, which serve as the foundation for such growth, must be healthy and sustainable, for which we, as a member of the international community, must fulfill our responsibility. In this context, we have established the CSR Committee and the Risk Management and Compliance Committee to implement cross-organizational efforts in line with our Basic CSR Principles: “wisdom and beauty for people and the earth” and “the moral courage to follow the right path.”
The “SAVE the BLUE” project, one of such efforts, is designed to carry out the basic principle “wisdom and beauty for people and the earth.” We donate a portion of the sales of SEKKISEI, a brand first released in 1985, to support efforts to transplant corals to save the coral reefs in Okinawa. FY2016 is the year that marks the eighth year of the project. We are proud that our campaigns and the “Coral Workshop in Okinawa” have helped not only employees but also customers, retailers, and many other people to understand the importance of facing challenging marine environmental issues, resulting in more people becoming involved in the project. In this fiscal year, the “SAVE the BLUE” project has been expanded to include six countries/regions in Asia to further enhance environmental protection efforts.
Our company celebrated its 70th anniversary in March 2016. On the occasion of the anniversary, we are planning to continue and expand our unique and unprecedented efforts with an eye on the bright future that awaits us.

President & CEOKazutoshi Kobayashi

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